Defexpo 2020: Boeing Affirms Commitment to India Defence Modernisation

Defexpo 2020: Boeing highlighted advanced defence capabilities for the armed forces, partnerships to develop India’s aerospace ecosystem and reiterated its commitment to invest in India to maximise the company’s footprint.

“An important part of our India strategy is ensuring our defence customers have the most advanced platforms and capabilities, supported by a services model that optimises mission readiness, high performance and safety,” stated Salil Gupte, president, Boeing India. “Another element of our strategy is to harness talent, innovation, engineering and productivity advantages that India offers to build a globally competitive aerospace and defence ecosystem that creates jobs and industrial capacity with Make in India.”

At DefExpo, Boeing is highlighting future investments to accelerate its “Make in India” efforts and the capabilities being proposed for the Indian Armed Forces, specifically the next generation F/A-18 Block III Super Hornet fighter that brings ‘transformative capability and contemporary warfighter technologies to India. The F/A-18, on offer to the Indian Navy, is fully compatible with Indian Navy carriers and will boost the growing maritime and defence relationship between the United States and Indian Navy.’

In line with DefExpo 2020’s theme of digital transformation in defence, Boeing also affirmed its commitment to provide its defence customers with data-based information for empowered decision support and optimisation of operations and missions.

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