Defexpo 2020: Naval Group enhances Indian industrial partnerships

At Defexpo 2020, Naval Group reiterated its commitment to deepen sustainable cooperation with the Indian industry. Naval Group, with its track-record in terms of large and rich technology transfers worldwide, has been a pioneer in policy of Make in India and now gearing up for “Make from India”. With a presence of more than a decade in India, Naval Group has firmly supported the self-reliance of the Indian Navy for its naval programmes. Naval Group’s international strategy is to build long-term strategic partnerships with the ‘most qualified and innovative industrial actors of the countries for our clients in order to ensure their sovereignty’.

Naval Group is proposing a robust offset package in the competitive and technically advanced offer for the Indian tender for modern heavy weight torpedoes. “This is the natural extension of our industrial presence in India achieved through the ongoing project for Kalvari-class submarine” declared Patrice Pyra, Commercial Director of Naval Group Underwater Weapons. “Our partners share essential features with us such as high-level of quality standards and the search for ever increasing innovation and we are eager to take them on-board our global projects” stated Massi Begous, Naval Group Senior Vice-President for International Industrial Development, while welcoming and signing MoUs with about 13 qualified Indian companies.