AvioHeliTronics in defence manufacturing

With the increasing participation of OEMs across the globe and manufacturing complexes lately opening up under the ‘Make In India’ initiative as well as ‘Manufacture in India’, AvioHeliTronics are prepared for rapid growth in its manufacturing vertical.

With experience of over a decade, with meticulously designed infrastructure having highly skilled experts, AvioHeliTronics are carrying out focused research and translating that into successful development of advanced capabilities which include design-to-manufacture of aero structures. AvioHeliTronics offers these services in capacity of an IOP (Indian Offset Partner) to several aerospace majors, extending to the domain of civil aviation, and as service provider to several OEMs plus Tier-1s in the Design & Development of Embedded-Software (Avionics/Railways), AeroStructures-Design/Analysis/Prototyping and Technical-Documentation.

Manufacturing has been AvioHeliTronics strong forte, with its modern facilities spread over a 25,000 square-feet area, equipped to work around-the-clock. AvioHeliTronics current manufacturing unit has an array of high-technology equipment, operated by very skilled experts. AvioHeliTronics is in a promising position with an added advantage of Certifications including AS9100 D, CMMI Level 3(Svc. & Dev.), ISO 27001:15, CEMILAC, R&D Unit, recognised by DSIR and Defence Industrial Licenses (D-IL).  

With AvioHeliTronics focussing on R&D, this has resulted in mature designs, further checked for inconsistencies and errors by well-placed pre-manufacture checks. Manufacturing processes are continuously optimised at AvioHeliTronics, with insightful inputs from R&D teams working in the domain. In fact, such work on optimisation of design and manufacturing in seamless manner ensures optimisation in multi-dimensions. Equipped with in-house capabilities to deal with manufacturing from the ab-initio stage, AvioHeliTronics have the advantage of giving highly efficient solutions, optimising the manufacturing life-cycle in many innovative ways. 

Over the years, AvioHeliTronics have demonstrated their ability to meet the exacting demands of various aerospace companies, both national and international. Their national customers include aerospace majors, particularly Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL), Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), Brahmos Aerospace.

“The growing needs and demand for manufacturing in global and domestic markets have urged us to expand in multiple dimensions in the field of aerospace manufacturing. Senior executives of AIS have been following long-term growth strategies which are not just focused on scale, but on growth in technology, quality and expertise. These strategies have shaped our upcoming venture, the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at the Aerospace SEZ Park in Devanahalli, Bengaluru,” stated Deepika Ramesh, COO & Sr. VP.

This facility will be equipped with new and advanced manufacturing machinery that include 5-axis CNC Machines, Milling Centres and CNC Turning Centres amongst others.  Additionally, inspection facilities such as Coordinate Measurement Machines (CMM), Profile Projectors, Video Measuring System (VMS) are being installed to ensure precision requirements associated with defence projects and aerospace.

Apart from its expertise in manufacturing, AvioHeliTronics has an established customer base for various domains of business:

Embedded Electronics & Software (Avionics)

- Design, Development, Coding(C / C++ / Ada, QT, Open GL ES, Lab windows) as per DO 178B/254 

- IV&V (DO 178B – Level: A, B,C& D)

- Solutions: RADAR control Software; Mission Payload Software; DMM /IHH; Navigation System Software; Railway system control Software

Structural Engineering

- Digitisation of drawings; 3D Modelling

- Reverse Engineering and Prototyping

- Design Dossier Checks (Airbus and Bombardier Standards)

- Jigs and fixture Design & Aero structure analysis (CFT, Stress, F&DT, CAE)

Technical Documentation

- Illustration and Authoring Activities

- Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETM)

- Engine Manuals, CMM, IPC,Technical Translations