The Elettronica Group: Advanced electronic and cyber warfare solutions

Elettronica Group has been on the cutting edge of electronic warfare for more than 60 years, supplying armed forces and governments of 30 countries with more than 3000 high technology systems. Privately controlled by Benigni’s family, with Leonardo and Thales in the shareholders structure, the Group is composed of three industrial assets, Elettronica S.p.A, the headquarters, based in Rome, leader in EW capabilities, CY4GATE, a joint venture with Expert System, specialising  in Cyber EW, Cyber Security and Intelligence, and Elettronica Gmbh, the German subsidiary specialising in EW signal processing design and production and Homeland Security solutions. Elettronica’s systems are deployed for a variety of key operational missions, from strategic surveillance, to self protection, Sigint, electronic attack and operational support for airborne, naval and ground applications. Elettronica Group boasts a strong record of successful domestic and international collaborations on all the key modern military platforms such as the Italian PPA, the fighter Eurofighter Typhoon, the NFH-90 helicopter, the Italian and French warships Horizon and FREMM, and a wide range of projects in the Gulf, Middle East and Asia.

In a recent collaboration, Elattronica tied up with Indra of Spain, for the first next- generation, fully European self-protection infra-red solution, to defend any type of airborne platforms, from helicopters to transport/tanker to jets, from heat-guided missiles (MANPAD). The solution, named EuroDIRQM (Direct InfraRed Countermeasure) reflects its European roots and the use of a new technology -the Quantum Cascade Laser (QCL), is the latest development in laser technology that represents a step forward from conventional semiconductor lasers. The EuroDIRQM solution will bring together about 30 years of combined experience in the DIRCM field by the two companies. MANPADS are today the main cause for military aircraft losses in conflict scenarios representing an international threat and a global concern due to their proliferation and their use by terrorist groups.

In addition to MANPADS, new military and security challenges are arising globally in the form of new lethal threats, and one of them is the massive growth in the use of drones. ADRIAN (Anti-Drone Interception Acquisition and Neutralisation) is an advanced anti-drone system dedicated to the protection of critical infrastructures and public areas during public events and civil airspace from hostile mini and micro drones threats. The company is already working with the Italian Air and Land Forces for the supply of this anti-drone system and with a country in the Middle East.

The company also offers the EDGE, the new Escort Jamming solution for airborne applications based on a high level of electronic and mechanical innovation. An autonomous pod configuration designed to increase the survivability and success of attacking airborne forces with unique performances and installation capabilities.‎ EDGE’s functions are designed to create a safe corridor for multiple mission aircraft. Its embedded ELINT features and networking capabilities enhance situational awareness, intelligence collection and advanced jamming countermeasure against new 3-D radars. Elettronica is the co-design authority of the PRAETORIAN self-protection system in wing-tip-pod configuration on board of the Eurofighter Typhoon platform, that allows the aircraft to dominate the electromagnetic scenario by automatically responding to air-to-air and surface-to-air threats.